Update: “I Never Handled A Gun In My Life"

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Published: May 30, 2017 7:45 am AST
Terry Smith, left, leaving a police vehicle at the Magistrates Court.
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Terry Smith denounced claims that ties him to any firearm, when he told the Magistrate’s Court that he has never in his life handled a gun.

Smith took the stand today, May 30, in a matter where he is facing charges of keeping an unlicensed firearm, namely a Glock, and possession of nine matching rounds of ammunition.

The charges stem from a search warrant conducted on Smith’s Butu Mountain Residence, on April 30, 2015.

In response to questions from Crown Counsel Herbert Potter, Smith denied ownership of the gun.

“I never handled a gun before in my life,” Smith said, adding, “I saw on tv that they hold the gun from the handle.”

In his testimony, Smith told the court that he had received a call from officers, indicating that they had a video for him to view, and that they would visit his home. The video was reportedly related to an incident where he was shot multiple times.

Smith also noted that on that very day, his cousin, Kareem Durante, visited him, and was inside the home when police arrived.

Concerning Durante, Smith told the court, “I was lying in bed, I heard the person, I got up, he came inside, I was watching tv, he sat on the ground next to my bed and I sat on my bed.”

Some twenty minutes after the call, Smith stated that officers arrived in about four vehicles to his premises and flashed a search warrant for his property, to which he replied, “I don’t have any gun. You can go and search, I don’t have anything to hide.”

He indicated that he was in the yard at the time when police arrived, speaking with someone who was installing a new gate to his premises.

Durante reportedly made his way outside at the same time and both were then searched.

During a search of his bedroom, Smith told the court that when the officer searched under his bed, he yelled, “I found it”.

“He yelled out like someone who so happy.”

Smith stated that he immediately told officers, “You can go ahead take my DNA, my fingerprints, because that gun is not mine.”

During the trial, a suggestion was also put to Smith, which spoke to the height of the bed, and the practicality of him reaching down, while on the bed, and grabbing the item at any time.

The crown also suggested that Smith has enough knowledge about guns, to ensure that his fingerprints and DNA was not on the weapon.

Smith denied both claims.

He will make another appearance at the Magistrate’s Court on July 19 for a decision on the matter.

Previous Article Published May 29 - Terry Smith Challenged Cops To Test Gun For Fingerprints

During the trial in a case involving Terry Smith, the local who was allegedly found with a Glock firearm and nine matching rounds of ammunition, the court heard that the accused challenged the officers to conduct fingerprint tests on the weapon, as he was positive it is not his.

Smith, who is facing charges of keeping an unlicensed firearm and possession of explosives, made an appearance before the Magistrate’s Court yesterday, May 29, where three officers of the local force testified.

All three officers, who informed the court that they were present on April 30, 2015, when the loaded weapon was found in the Butu Mountain home of the accused, stated that Smith initially denied having any knowledge of the weapon, and encouraged them to test it for fingerprints.

The officers recalled that when the loaded weapon was found under the accused bed, he said, “Officer that is not my firearm. You can check if for my fingerprints, because mine aint on it.”

The officers were executing a search warrant on the residence of Smith at the time.

Investigating Officer in this matter, Officer Esau Andrews told the court that no tests were carried out on the weapon following Smith’s arrest.

However, Defense Attorney Stephen Daniels, who is representing the accused, informed the court that Smith voluntarily submitted himself for a test, which came back inconclusive for comparative purposes.

Officer Andrews denied having any knowledge of the test.

When questioned if the negative result of the test would have prompted him to further investigate the matter and find the rightful owner of the weapon, Officer Andrews told the court no.

The officers’ testimony also revealed that another male, Kareem Durant, was on the premises on the day of the search.

The court heard that when the officers arrived at the residence of the accused, Durant was seen in the garden area of the home and quickly left the scene upon their arrival.

The court also noted that during police question following Smith’s initial arrest, Smith indicated that he had a visitor the day of his arrest, highlighting that it was Durant.

The matter will continue later today, May 30, when Smith is expected to testify on his own behalf.
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