Filipino Men Attack Lucky & Girlfriend

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Published: May 31, 2017 12:08 pm AST
Jojo Perido in inset, along with his brother Noel Perido and friend Ryan Navarro
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Three men from the Philippines, who now reside in the British Virgin islands, are currently before the Magistrate’s Court, after they allegedly attacked another Filipino male and his girlfriend back in 2015.

The trio, comprised of brothers, Jojo Perido and Noel Perido, and friend Ryan Navarro, are all facing a charge of assault, occasioning actual bodily harm.

The men appeared before the Magistrate’s Court on May 29, to give evidence in the matter.

According to court records, the three attacked the victims, identified as Lucky and Jessica, on May 16, 2015 in the vicinity of Nito’s Food Truck in Road Town.

The man and his girlfriend were allegedly sitting in their vehicle at the time, when Jojo appeared and began taunting Lucky. Lucky then allegedly punched Jojo in the face, which is when the other two launched an attack.

Jessica reportedly received several hits, and Lucky was allegedly struck with a piece of steel at the back of his head, which allegedly left him unconscious.

Meanwhile, during their testimony, the men informed the court that Lucky is the one who did the taunting.

Noel Perido, during his testimony, told the court that for some five years now, Lucky has been very mean to him and has attempted to intimidate him numerous times.

Noel informed the court that the situation got so out of control, that he sought the help of a local lawyer, who wrote a letter to Lucky, in addition to making a report to the local authorities.

Prior the incident, Noel told the court that he received a text message from someone, stating that they will kill him. He added that sometime shortly after, while in public, Lucky approached him and hit him in his face with his fist, and continued beating him until his [Lucky] friends came to assist.

Noel told the court that he reported the incident to the police and to his older brother, Jojo.

On the night of the incident, the men stated that they visited Nito’s to purchase something to eat. They saw Lucky parked at the same location, with his girlfriend and another male in the back.

They indicated that they were liming around, and had just consumed about 4-6 bottles of gin.

The men stated that when Jojo exited the vehicle to buy the food, he was summoned by Lucky, who allegedly punched Jojo in the face when he got close to the vehicle. Lucky then exited the vehicle, and a fight between the two ensued.

The men recalled that during the fight, Jojo allegedly pushed Lucky unto a garbage bin, causing him to hit the back off his head.

The court heard that Lucky, Jessica and the other man in the vehicle started beating on Jojo, which caused him to black out.

The other men reportedly left their vehicle and ran off. They returned shortly after and assisted Jojo, and then journeyed to the Road Town Police Station to make a report, then on to the Peebles Hospital for medical attention.

The men will make another appearance on July 11, when Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards will hand down her decision in the matter.
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