Enough Is Enough; Artistes Sing For Peace

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Published: June 17, 2017 11:32 am AST
“Crime needs to stop; it’s tiring. Enough is enough,” said one attendee of the peace concert held last evening, June 16, at the Pier Park in Road Town.

The concert, dubbed ‘Stop The Crime’, was hosted by the Tortola Central Lions Club, in collaboration with various entertainers from across the Virgin Islands. The concert also gained the support of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

Many persons came out, adorned in their ‘Stop the Crime’ t-shirts, to show full support of the initiative, and to stand against crime and violence in the Territory.

The event saw a range of performances, from local musicians, singers and poets, including Sistah Joyce, Sowande Uhuru, B’more, Extreme Band, Njar, Jedi, and many more.

President of the Lions Club, Carvin Malone said the initiative is the beginning of a movement to decrease crime in the Territory.

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“This is not just a show; it is one that will start a movement towards safer societies. One that we have to look into teaching the persons the art of conflict resolution, and how to stop bullying. If it means we have to go in to the primary schools to teach them that there is a better way to deal with things, so that by the time they are older and grown, they would know things can be sorted in a different way, then we will.”

He added, “Crime has been building in the Territory. Six murders in six months; this is unheard of. It impacts the communities, it impacts economics, impacts families. This event will give credence to the fact that we will take the message to every community."

The club intends to continue their advocacy throughout the year, by hosting sessions with persons of the community.

“We intend to look at the most vulnerable areas around the Territory, and ensure that we get expert help, host seminars and sessions to combat crime and violence. We have to make sure that we send the message not only to the choir, but out there in the highways.”

The club is also looking to erect surveillance cameras in the most vulnerable locations around the Territory.

The concert kicked off following an alarm of peace, sounded by the Department of Disaster Management.

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