Cadet Corps Not A Nursery For Police Force

Javon Liburd, Staff Reporter | 1 Opinions
Published: June 19, 2017 7:49 am AST
Photo Credit: Javon Liburd/ BVI Platinum News
Major Selwyn Rock, Head of the Virgin Islands Cadet Corps, has dispelled a major misconception in the British Virgin Islands, which speaks to the youth organization being a training ground for new police officers.

While speaking to BVI Platinum News, Major Rock noted that this is not the case, and is far from the truth.

“People expect a lot more. People think because police are involved with the programme, that it is like a nursery for the police force; that’s not so,” he told BVI Platinum News.

“These young people come through and they are interested in doing something that makes the BVI look good. They want to represent and be ambassadors for the Territory, and that is what we want; that they realize they can make a significant impact where ever they go.”

He shared that only a minimal percentage of cadets stay within the realms of their training and become officers, adding that the cadets all have different professional dreams, all of which the corps encourage.

“I would say minimal persons who go through the programme stick within the field and come over to join the force.”

He said, “The cadets are more attracted to the uniform at a young age, but then they have different goals and see they can contribute in different ways and professions, and that’s what we want. We don’t force anyone to join the force; it’s for them to weigh their options and decide if this is the way they want to go.”

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